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When considering the normal day for a Spaniard it is surprising how much of it is occupied by the act of eating. Food is taken seriously and is very strongly linked to every form of social entertainment. As this act is so often partaken in public it is no wonder that that foreigners can be forgiven for the very false impression as to quality of Spanish productivity - when compared to northern Europe the Spanish nation can generally be taken as a very hard working population.

The quality of Spanish food encountered by tourists has greatly changed over the last 40 years in its preparation and presentation. This generally accepted improvement has been due to the increase in availability and range of products, and coupled with the exposure to foreign tourism even the diet habits of the Spanish have been somewhat effected.

However, in making this statement it is very important to remember that this change has not caused any loss of quality in their many excellent traditional regional dishes which they continue to be proudly preserved in content and preparation. Below is listed a variety of the more popular food a tourist may encounter that also includes many of the regional specialties.

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Aceitunas Negras Aliñadas – Marinated black olives.
Aceitunas Verdes Aliñadas – Marinated green olives.
Albóndigas – Tasty pork balls in garlic tomato based sauce.
Almejas al Diablo – Clams in a spicy tomato sauce.
Almejas al Horno – Baked stuffed clams.
Almejas a la Marinera – Clams in white wine sauce
Almejas Romesco (Tarragona) – Calms dressed with a special Romesco sauce.
Almendras Fritas – Fried salted almonds.
Angulas a la Bilbaína – Baby eels in garlic sauce.
Atún Escabechado – Marinated tuna.
Banderillas – A mixture of sea food and vegetables on a small skewer.
Blanquets Valencianos (Valencia) – Boiled herb sausage.
Boquerones en Vinagre – Marinated smelts.
Buñuelos de Bacalao – Cod puffs.
Butifarra (Catalonia) – Spicy sausage
Butifarrón Dulce (Catalonia) – Spicy sausage coated with caramelized sugar.
Calamares Fritos – Small fried squid.
Calamares Rellenos – Fried stuffed small squid.
Callos - Tripe.
Canapé de Achoa y Pimiento – Anchovy and pimento spread served on bread.
Canapé de Atún y Tomate – Marinated tunas and tomatoes on bread.
Canapé de Cabrales y Piñoes (Asturias) – Blue cheese and nut pine canapé.
Canapé de Lechuga a la Vinagreta – Marinated lettuce canapés.
Caracoles - Freshly cleaned small snails.
Caracoles a la Madrileña (Madrid) – Small snails served in a ham paprika sauce.
Champiñones a la Ajillo – Fried mushrooms in garlic sauce.
Champiñones Rellenos – Mushrooms stuffed with pork.
Champiñones a la Segoviana (Segovia) – Sauté bacon, garlic, parsley, with mushrooms.
Chorizo – A slice of any meat unusually eaten on a slice of bread.
Croquetas de Gambas – Shrimp croquettes.
Croquetas de Paella – Croquettes made with usual Paella ingredients.
Delicias de Queso – Fried cheese balls.
Empanadillas de Atún – Small tuna pancakes or pies.
Empanadillas de Carne – Small meat pancakes or pies
Empanadillas de Ternera – Spicy veal and tomato pancakes or pies.
Emparadados de Jamón y Queso – Fried ham and cheese sandwiches.
Ensaladilla de Pimientos Rojos – Roasted red peppers and tomatoes..
Ensaladilla Rusa – Potato, mayonnaise and vegetable salad.
Flamenquines (Andalucía) - Tasty pork and ham rolls.
Fritura de Pescado – A assortment of fried small pieces of fish.
Gambas al Ajillo – Sauté shrimps in garlic and oil
Gambas com Garbardina – Battered sauté shrimps in garlic.
Gambas a la Plancha – Whole grilled unpeeled prawns.
Gambas com Salsa Piparrada (Basque) – Boiled shrimps served with tomato, green pepper, onion and cucumber dressing.
Gambas Villeroy – Béchamel coated fried shrimps.
Grandina – Eggplant and cured ham loaf.
Huevos Rellenos de Samón – Sliced boiled eggs stuffed with salmon.
Jamón Serrano – Thinly sliced salt-cured ham eaten on a slice of bread.
Langostinos con Clavo – Prawns in clove scented marinade.
Longaniza – Sausages with strong rosemary flavour.
Mejillones Gratinados – Baked mussels and mushrooms.
Mejillonesa la Marinera - Baked mussels in a tasty sauce.
Mejillones a la Vinagreta – Marinated mussels.
Patatas Bravas – Fried potatoes covered with a spicy tomato based sauce.
Pastel de Perdiz – Partridge Pâté.
Pastel de Puerros y Gambas – Shrimp and leek flan.
Pepinillo Relleno – Dill pickle stuffed with tuna.
Pincho de Huevo – Boiled eggs served with anything!
Pincho Moruno – Small pork kebabs in a spicy Moorish sauce.
Pollo al Ajillo – Garlic flavoured small pieces of chicken.
Pudin de Merluza – Cold fish timbale with mayonnaise dressing.
Pulpo a la Gallega – Boiled octopus in paprika and oil.
Pulpo a la Vinagreta (Galicia) – Marinated octopus.
Queso Manchego – Slices of goats cheese from the La Mancha district.
Repollo Relleno de Salchicha – Sausages rolled in cabbage leafs.
Salpicón de Marisco – Shellfish vinaigrette.
Sobrasada – (Mallorca) – Seasoned sausages spread.
Terrina de Conejo – Rabbit Pâté.
Terrina de Perdiz – Partridge and Liver Pâté
Tortillitas de Camaones (Cadiz Area) – Small shrimps sauté served as a small pancake.
Tortilla a la Española – A wedge or square of mixed potato, onion, bound with egg.

Aguja de Ternera – Veal in puff pastry.
Banda de Almendra – Almond and marmalade puff pastry strips.
Barquillos - Rolled wafers.
Bartilillos con Crema - A form of small custard pie.
Bollo Preñado – Sausage bun.
Borrachuellos – Fried pastries with anis and sesame seeds.
Brevas de Soria – Custard filled small doughnuts.
Buñuelos de San Isidoro - A form of fitter filled with whipped cream.
Buñuelos de Viento - A puff fitter dusted with icing sugar.
Caracoles de Carne – Meat spirals.
Casadielles (Asturias) – Walnut filled turnovers.
Churros - Long fluted wads of fried dough.
Coca “La Plana” (Catalunya) – Tomato and green pepper pie.
Empanada Asturiana (Asturias) – Aromatic and spicy sausage pie.
Empanada de Berbercho – Clam pie.
Empanada de Bonito – Tuna pie.
Empanada de Espinacas – Spinach pie.
Empanada de Lomo – Pork pie.
Empanada de Sardinas – Fresh sardine pie.
Ensaimadas – Snail-shaped rolls with sweet filling.
Hornazo – Sausage filled country style bread.
Mantecadas de Astorga (León) – Light puff cakes
Medias-Noches – Small sweet buns glazed with egg.
Papitos de Ternera – Veal sandwiches.
Pastel Murciano (Murcia) – Veal and sausage pie.
Pasteles de Higo – Fig and candied squash pastries.
Pestiños al Anis – Anis-flavoured fried pastries.
Roscón de Reyes – Speciality reserved for each 6th of January.
Rosquillas de Anis - Doughnuts flavoured with the alcohol Anis.
Salmón en Hojaldre – Salmon filled puff pastry.
Suizos – Sugar topped sweet rolls.
Tapa - Small portions of fish, meat, vegetables, served as appetizers.
Tecla de Yema - Candied egg yolk pastries.
Torrijas – Sugar-coated fried bread.
Torta de Chicarrones – Sweet crackling bread.
Torteles (Catalunya) – Bread rings filled with a sweet paste.
Tostadas – Fried bread and honey.
Turrón - Soft or hard nougat.

Alcachorfas Salteadas con Jamón – Sautéed artichokes and cuts of cured ham.
Alclgas con Pasas y Piñones (Catalunya) – Greens with raisins and pine nuts.
Berenhena con Queso – Eggplant with cheese.
Berenjenas “Rincón de Pepe” (Murcia) – Eggplant with shrimp and ham.
Calabacín al Horno – Baked zucchini.
Champiñoes al Jerez – Mushrooms in a sherry sauce.
Champiñoes Salteados – Sautéed mushrooms.
Coles de Bruselas Salteados – Sautéed Brussels sprouts.
Coliflor al Ajo Arriero –Cauliflower in garlic and paprika sauce.
Espárragos Amargueros – Asparagus with garlic and paprika.
Espárragos Estillo Manchego – Asparagus served with a garlic, egg and cumin sauce.
Espárragos Trigueros – Sautéed asparagus.
Garbanzos a la Catalana (Catalunya) – Chickpeas with tomatoes and sausage.
Garbanzos Refritos – refried chickpeas.
Guisantes a la Española – Peas with small cuts of cured ham.
Habas a la Anduluza (Andalucia) – Lima beans with artichokes and cumin.
Judías Verdes con Ajo – Sauté green beans in garlic.
Judías Verdes “Bárcena” – Green beans and small cuts of cured ham.
Judías Verdes a la Gallega (Galicia) – Green beans , potatoes eggs and garlic.
Lombarda Navideña – Baked red cabbage with baked apples.
Menestra de Acelgas a la Extremeña – Greens and potato casserole.
Menestra a la Riojana (Rioja) – Mixed vegetables with ham flavouring.
Michorones Picanticos – Spicy lima beans.
Patatas a la Brava (Madrid) – Spicy sliced sautéed potatoes with paprika and chili.
Patatas y Judías Verdes a la Extremeña – Potatoes and green beans in sauce.
Pataas Pobres – Sliced sautéed potatoes with garlic.
Pimientos Fritos – Fried pimientos.
Pimientos Morrones Salteados – Sautéed pimientos.
Pimientos de Bierzo – Sautéed green peppers and pimientos.
Pisto Manchego – Zucchini, green pepper and tomato paste.

Berenjena de Almagro – Spicy pickled eggplant salad.
El Aliño – Salad dressed with cheese and herbs.
Empedrat Tarragoni – Codfish salad.
Endivias con Queso Cabrales – Endives with blue cheese salad.
Ensalada de Angulas – Baby eel salad.
Ensalada de Arroz – Rice salad.
Ensalada de Bierros con Vinagreta de Anchoa – Watercress, carrot with anchovy sauce.
Ensalada Catalana (Catalunya) – Mixed salad with El Aliño dressing.
Ensalada de Champiñon – Mushroom and cured ham salad.
Ensalada de Escalibada – Eggplant, artichoke, pepper and tomato salad.
Ensalada de Judías Blancas – White bean salad.
Ensalada Koshkera (Basque) – Fish and lobster salad.
Ensalada de Lentejas – Lentil salad.
Ensalada de Patata y Remolacha – Potato and beet salad.
Ensalada de Pimiento y Tomate – Pimiento e tomato salad.
Ensalada de Piparada – Cucumber, tomato and pepper salad.
Ensalada de Remolacha – Fresh beet salad.
Ensalada de San Isidoro – Mixed salad with tuna
Ensalada de Tomate y Huevo – Tomato and egg salad.
Ensalada Valenciana (Valencia) – Potato and orange salad.
Ensaladilla Espartero – Tuna, egg and potato salad.
Garbanzos Aliñados – Marinated chickpeas.
Judías Verdes a la Vinagreta – Green bean salad.
Pepinillos en Vinagre – Pickled cucumbers.
Picadilla – Creamy almond dressing.
Pipirrana Jaenera – Tomato, green pepper, ham and tuna salad.
Salpicón de Langostino y Tomate – Shrimp and tomato in sherry vinaigrette.
Trigueros en Vinagrillo – Marinated asparagus.

Ajo Blanco con Uvas (Malaga) – Almond and grape “Gazpacho” stype soup.
Caldo de Perro Gaditano (Cadiz) – Whiting and orange flavoured soup.
Cebollada con Almendras – Onion and almond soup.
Consommé al Jerez (Andalucia) – Consommé with sherry flavor.
Crema de Perdiz – Cream of partridge soup.
Gazpacho (Andalucia) – Cold tomato soup with chopped additives.
Gazpacho Extremeño (Extremadura) – Another version of “Ajo Blanco con Uvas”.
Sopa de Ajo Castellano (Castille) – Oil, garlic, bread and eggs.
Sopa al Cuarto de Hora – Quick freshly made fish soup.

Arroz con Acelgas (Valencia) – Beans and small snails with paprika.
Caldereta de Codornices – Potted quail in broth.
Caldereta de Langosta Menorquina (Menorca) – Lobster stew.
Caldereta Extremeña – Deboned lamb stew with paprika.
Caldo Gallego (Galicia) – Beef, Beans, Greens, Potatoes and bacon.
Callos a la Gallega (Galicia) – Tripe and chickpeas.
Cocido Madrileño (Madrid) – Boiled beef, chickpeas and vegetables.
Cordero al Chilindron – Lamb and red pepper stew.
Cordero Estofado – Vinegar and garlic flavoured stewed lamb.
Estofado a la Catalana – Deboned cubed beef in a strong sauce.
Estofado de Vaca – Garlic beef stew.
Fabada Asturiana (Asturias) – A strong and filling bean and meat stew.
Fabes con Almejas – Beans and clams.
Fricandó de Ternera (Catalunya) – Veal stew with almonds, garlic and parsley.
Gazpachuelo – Halibut or cod prepared in “gazpacho style”.
Lacon con Grelos – Boiled bacon, pork, with greens.
Judiones de la Granja (Segovia) – Broad beans, sausages and pig’s foot,
Marmitako (Basque) – Tuna or mackerel with tomatoes.
Potaje de Espinacas y Garbanzos – Spinach and chickpeas.
Purrusalda (Basque) – Codfish soup.
Rabo de Toro a la Andaluza – Oxtail stew.
Sopa de Albóniga – Meatballs in broth.
Sopa de Garbananzos y Chorizo – Chickpeas and sausages.
Sopa de Lentejas – Lentil soup.
Suquet (Calalunya) – Fish and clam stew with almond flavour.

Duelos y Quebrantos – Scrambled eggs with bacon and country sausage.
Huevos a la Flamenca (Andalucia) – Baked eggs with ham, sausage and asparagus.
Huevos Fritos a la Española - Eggs fried in oil.
Huevos Fritos al Aljillo – Fried eggs with garlic and paprika.
Huevos a la Madrileña (Madrid) – Baked eggs with sliced tomatoes and sausages.
Huevos al Nido – Rolls filled with tomato sauce and egg yolk and topped with the whites.
Huevos con Picadilla de Champiñon – Baked mushrooms with eggs.
Huevos Rellenos de Gambas – Shrimp stuffed eggs.
Migas – Fried bread often with bacon or sausage added.
Piparrada (Basque) – Scrambled eggs with tomato and peppers.
Revuelto de Ajetes – Soft-set eggs with scallions.
Revuelto de Langostino y Espinacas – Soft-set eggs with shrimp and spinach.
Tortilla - Potato omelette sometimes flavoured with onions or other vegetables.
Tortilla Alicantina (Alicante) – Shrimp and onion omelette.
Tortilla Asturiana (Asturias) – Onion, tuna and tomato omelette.
Tortilla de Atún Escabechado – Tinned tuna omelette.
Tortilla de Bacalao – Cod omelette.
Tortilla Catalana (Catalunya) – Sausage and bean omelette.
Tortilla Champiñon – Mushroom omelette.
Tortilla Coruñesa (La Coruña) – Potato and cured ham.
Tortilla de Dátiles – Omelette with dates.
Tortilla a la Gallega (Galicia) – Potato omelette with country sausage and pimiento.
Tortilla de Garbanzos . Chickpea omelette.
Tortilla de Habas – Lima bean omelette.
Tortilla Paisana – Country-style omelette.

Arroz com Bacalao – Codfish with rice.
Arroz a Banda (Alicante) – Seafood flavoured rice with shrimps.
Arroz con Calabacín – Zucchini with spicy rice.
Arroz en Caldero a la Murciana (Murcia) – Seafood, dried red peppers and rice.
Arroz a la Catalana (Catalunya) – Rabbit, pork ribs, sausage and pea pods.
Arroz com Cordero (Valencia) – Lamb, chickpeas and rice.
Arroz com Costra Alicantino – Egg-crusted rice with chickpeas and meat balls.
Arroz a la Cubana – Eggs, bananas with rice and tomato sauce.
Arroz al Horno – Chickpeas and saffron rice
Arroz Negro – Squid with its ink and rice.
Arroz con Pollo – Chicken and rice.
Fideuá de Mariscos – Shellfish and noodle paella.
Moros y Cristianos – Black beans with rice and paprika.
Paella de Codornices y Setas – Quail and mushroom.
Paella Huertana de Murcia (Murcia) – Vegetable Paella.
Paella Marinera – Seafood Paella
Paella a la Valenciana (Traditional) – Shellfish, rabbit, onions and peppers with rice.
Paella a la Valenciana – Chicken and seafood rice.

Calamares al Jerez – Squid with sherry sauce.
Calamares Rellenos – Stuffed squid.
Calamares en Su Tinta – Squid in their own ink sauce.
Cangrejos al Jerez – Crabs with sherry sauce.
Gambas al Jerez (Andalucía) – Shrimps in a sherry sauce.
Gambas en Salsa Verde – Fried Shrimps served with a parsley sauce.
Langosta al Ajo Arreiro – Lobster with red peppers.
Langosta Costa Brava – Stuffed lobster shells.
Langosta con Pollo (Catalunya) – Lobster and chicken with a salad.
Langostinos Gran Mesón – Prawns in garlic sauce.
Mariscada a la Plancha con Salsa Romescu – Grilled shellfish “Romesco” style.
Pulpo con Patatines – Stewed octopus with diced potatoes.
Shangurro (Basque) – Stuffed crab.
Vieiras Gratinados – Baked scallops.
Vieiras Santiagüenses – Baked stuffed scallops.
Vieiras Santiago (Santiago) – Scallops with spicy red sauce.
Zarzuela de Marisco – Shellfish mixture.

Ancas de Rana a la Valenciana (Valencia) – Fried marinated frog legs.
Bacalao em Samfaina – Codfish with eggplant and peppers.
Bacalao a la Vizcaína (Basque) – Salted codfish with sweet red peppers and ham.
Besugo a la Bilbaína (Bilbao) – Butter fried sea bream with spicy sauce.
Besugo a la Madrileña (Madrid) – Baked sea bream with “house” sauce.
Besugo com Piñones – Baked sea bream in wine with pine nuts.
Besugo Rellano – Stuffed baked sea bream.
Caballa a la Vinagreta – Mackerel vinaigrette.
Filete de Lenguado con Mayonesa Verde – Fillets of sole with parsley mayonnaise
Lenguado al Limon – Sole with lemon sauce.
Lenguado con Piñones – Fillets of sole with pine nuts.
Lubina “Albufera” (Valencia) – Sea bass in almond sauce.
Lubina al Hinojo – Sea bass in fennel sauce.
Lubina Rellana – Sea bass stuffed with mushrooms.
Merluza con Alcaparras – Fish steaks with capers.
Merluza a la Gallega (Galicia) – Fish steaks with paprika.
Merluza a la Madrileña (Madrid) – Fish steaks with ham and cheese.
Merluza a la Sidra – Fish steak in a cider sauce.
Merluza a la Vasca – Hake steak with a parsley sauce.
Pescado Frito a la Gaditana (Cadiz) – Fried whiting with other fresh fish.
Rape con Grilos y Almejas – Halibut with clams and greens.
Rollo de Merluza – Fish roll with parsley sauce.
Sardinas a la Montañesa (Santander) – Sardines with paprika sauce.
Trucha Escabechada – ~Marinated trout.
Trucha a la Navarra (Navarra) – Trout with cured ham.
Urta a la Roteña (Cadiz) – Baked sea bream with peppers and brandy.
Urta a la Sal – Sea bream baked in salt.

Codornices Asadas en Hoja de Parra – Roast quails in grape leaves.
Codornices Escabechadas – Marinated quails.
Codornices Estofadas – Braised quails.
Codornices al Nido – Quails in the nest.
Codornices com Pochas – Quails with beans.
Codornices en Zurrón – Quails in green pepper sauce..
Conejo Alioli – Broiled rabbit with “Alioli” sauce.
Conejo a la Cazadora – Rabbit with strong brandy based sauce.
Conejo al Pirineo – Rabbit with almonds and pine nuts.
Conejo en Pepitoria – Rabbit in egg and lemon sauce.
Conejo com Pisto (Castile) – Rabbit with red peppers and zucchini.
Conejo Salmantino – Potted rabbit.
Conejo com Tomate – Rabbit in tomato sauce.
Faisán al Modo de Alcántara – Roast pheasant with port sauce.
Oca con Peras – Baby goose with pears.
Pato a la Naranja – Roasted duck with orange sauce.
Pato a la Sevillana (Seville) – Roast duck with olives and sherry sauce.
Pechugo de Pollo Rellana – Stuffed chicken breast.
Pechugo de Pollo Villaroy – Béchamel coated fried chicken.
Perdiz con Chocolate – Partridge in chocolate flavoured sauce.
Pollastre amb Gambas (Catalunya) – Chicken with shrimp in brandy sauce.
Pollo al Ajillo – Chicken in garlic sauce.
Pollo Assado con Salsa de Naranja – Roast chicken with orange sauce.
Pollo a la Castellana – Chicken with purée onion and wine sauce.
Pollo Chilindrón (Aragón) – Chicken with red peppers.
Pollo al ast Glaseado (Catalunya) – Spit-roasted chicken with honey and cumin.
Pollo con Higos – Chicken with figs
Pollo al Horno – Roast chicken..
Pollo en Pepitoria – Chicken in egg with an almond and sherry sauce.
Pollo com Piñones – Chicken with pine nuts.
Pollo en Samfaina (Catalunya) – Chicken with vegetables.
Pollo al Vino Tinto – Chicken with a red wine sauce.

Brocheta de Riñones – Kidney brochette.
Butifarra con Setas – Baked sausages with mushrooms.
Caldereta de Ternera – Potted roast veal.
Callos a la Madrileña – Tripe in “Madrid Style”.
Canelones – Meat filled pasta in Italian manner.
Carne a la Castellana – Sliced fried beef in a broth.
Cazuela de Lomo y Butifarra – Pork and sausage casserole.
Cebolas Rellanas (Balearic Islands) – Onions stuffed with beef.
Chuleta de Cordero Empanada – Béchamel coated and breaded lamb chops.
Chuleta de Ternera al Ajo Cabañil – Veal chops with garlic strong sauce.
Chuleta de Ternera con Habas – Veal chops and beans.
Chuleta de Ternera Hortelana – Veal chops with ham, mushrooms and pimiento
Chuletas de Cerdo a la Asturiana – Pork chops with apples in cider sauce.
Chuletas de Cerdo con Ciruela Pasa . Pork chops with prunes.
Chuletas de Cerdo al Jerez Dulce – Pork chops with sweet sherry sauce.
Chuletas de Cerdo a la Madrileña – Seasoned broiled pork chops.
Chuletas de Cerdo con Pimientos y Jamón – Pork chops with peppers and ham.
Chuletas de cerdo a la Riojana – Pork chops with red peppers.
Cochifrito – Potted lamb with lemon.
Cochinillo Asado – Roast suckling pig.
Cordero Asado, Estilo Castellano – Roast lamb with herbs and wine sauce.
Cordero Asado a la Sepulvedana (Ségovia) – Roast lamb in sherry sauce.
Entrecote al Queso Cabrales (Asturias) – Steak with blue cheese sauce.
Escalopines Madrileños (Madrid) – Veal medallions with tomato sauce.
Figado con Ruibarro – Liver in sorrel leaf sauce.
Filetes de Cerdo “Cantamañanas” – Cheese and pimiento filled pork cutlets.
Filetes Empanado – Breaded beefsteaks.
Filetes de Ternera Empanados – Breaded veal culets with garlic.
Hojas de Parra Rellanas – Grape leaves wrapped around a mixture of meats.
Lombarda Rellana – Red cabbage stuffed with sausage.
Lomo de Cerdo Adobada – Seasoned loin of pork.
Lomo de Cerdo con Escalibada – Roast pork with peppers and eggplant.
Lomo de Cerdo con Leche – Pork simmered in milk.
Lomo Rellano de Salchicha – Pork loin rolled around sausages.
Manos de Cerdo Rellenas – Stuffed pigs feet.
Picadillo – Marinated pork with potatoes.
Riñones al Jerez – Kidneys in sherry sauce.
Pimietos y Calabacines Rellenos – Meat stuffed red peppers and zucchini.
Salchichas con Higos Agri-Dulces – Sausages with a sweet-sour fig sauce.
Solomillo All-I-Pebre (Catalunya) – Roast beef in garlic sauce.
Tenera Asada – Roast veal.
Ternera a la Extremeña – Veal with country sausage and green peppers.

Arroz com Leche a la Asturiana – Rice pudding with brandy and anisette.
Babarrúa de naranja con Salsa de Mora – Frozen orange custard with blackberry sauce.
Brazo de Gitano – Custard filled cake roll.
Cabello de Angel – Candied squash.
Creme Catalan – Sweet custard with cinnamon flavour.
Creme de Jerez – Chocolate sherry chiffon pudding.
Cuajada con Miel – Rennet pudding with honey.
Flan – Caramel custard.
Flan de Coco – Coconut custard.
Flan de Manzana – Apple custard.
Flan de Naranja – Orange custard.
Flaón – Sweet cheesecakes.
Leche Frita – Fried custard squares
Leche Merengada – Cinnamon flavoured ice-milk.
Manzanas Asadas – Almond and raison filled baked apples..
Merengues de Fresa – Strawberry meringues.
Natillas con Nueces – Soft custard with walnuts.
Platanos con Miel y Piñones – Bananas with honey and pine nuts.
Peras con Vino – Simmered pears in red wine.
Pudin de Manzana con Natillas – Apple pudding with custard.
Tarta del Convento – Puff pastry tart.
Tarta de Manzana – Apple tart.
Tarta de Santiago (Galicia) – Almond cakes.
Tocino del Cielo – Rich caramel cream custard.
Zurracapote – Stewed prunes and apricots.

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