Spain History - 1st Republic - (1873 - 1874)

A Catalan by the name of Pi y Margall was named as President who to confuse the issue was a strong supporter of local self-government. After a few months of discussion a Federal Republic was officially announced with 17 regional States combined in a new decentralized government. Its lack of success is shown by the fact that it had four Presidents in a matter of eleven months. By the summer of 1873 Granada, Málaga and Valencia had all declared independence from Madrid. The Carlist seized in the confusion control of most areas to the north of the River Ebro. It would seem that the Carlist were also split within and they failed to make any further advance. In the wings there appeared Queen Isabel's son Alfonso XII who had been given military training at Sandhurst in England and promised the army and the loyal royalists an answer to the anarchy that was taking hold of the country.

The battling between the different sides came to an end when in 1875 General Martinez Campos representing the army faction placed in 1875 the young Bourbon King Alfonso XII on the throne as his puppet. The army, church, landowners and monarchy made a Constitution in 1876 that hope to a new liberalistic form of government. The Carlist were to become crushed for some length of time in their ambitions.


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