Spain History - Editor's Notes

The author of this brief history of Spain would kindly ask for some tolerance in accepting the facts as they are presented. In the compilation of the various sources of information there are sometimes conflicts in the information recorded. As written history is just one persons' view point taken from either an event or other peoples written views on particular events, there can occur a liberty of interpretation. The author has tried to remain hopefully objective - MCT

The Order of Templers is recorded to have been founded in 1118 by Hugues de Paynes. The Order was both religious and military in composition. They gave their services in Crusades to the Holy Land to re-establish the Christian faith in the Holy Land which was at the time by the Moors. They became more powerful than ruling Kings and Popes so in 1307 King Philip of France and Pope Clement V joined together to make an attempt to destroy them. What little remained of their immense wealth after the Knights were killed or burned at the stake was used to found the Order of the Knights of St. John. The destruction of the Templers acted as a double-edged sword in many countries in Europe. In their day they had been defenders of the kings and as strong protection for Jews, the educated class and forward-thinkers, especially from the most oppressive doctrine used by the leaders within the then Christian religion.

**Santo Santiago
This Saint is the patron saint of Spain and he has a number of different names which adds to the general confusion to unaware visitors. For the record all these names refer to only this one Saint Diego, Iago, Jacobus, Jacques, Jaime, James, James the Greater, and Santiago Recommended

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