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Chemists are called Farmacias. Chemists are usually staffed with a very helpful staff and most have the ability to converse in the English language. Their location can be quickly noticed as they display a large Green Cross above their premises. The Farmacias operate on a rota-system in all cities and towns in order that they provide one is open every day of the week and into the night. There is always a notice on closed doors to indicate the location of the Chemist that can be found open. Alternative chemists such as Chinese Clinics and Herbal Clinics are also available in large cities.

As mainly the Dentista in Spain operate a Private Practice, the visitor will be expected to pay for any required dentistry work. The Yellow Pages of the telephone directory carries a list of dentists under the heading of Dentistas. Large Supermarkets often have a Dentist Practice set up in one of their adjoining shops.

Emergency Situations
Prescription drugs and non-prescription drugs are available from Chemists. Many of the drugs that are normally only available by prescription in countries such as the UK can be purchased over the counter in Spain. However, it is always advisable to seek doctor’s advice whenever possible.

Tap water
The Municipal water system throughout Spain now produces drinkable water but sometimes it may cause stomach problems to the uninitiated. We recommend that it is always safer to drink the water placed on sale in either branded plastic or glass bottles.

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